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Gifting made easy

Hi everyone, first of all, we're in the business of putting smiles on faces. Chippingin is the only platform made for children to allow them to set a goal for a really special gift. But birthdays aren't the only thing that Chippingin is perfect for, you can also fundraise for amazing events and causes! Create your goal.

Chippingin is easy and fun to use..

First, create your goal, including your details, what the occasion is and an image of the gift you are planning to raise money for.

Next, add your bank details to your account so you can withdraw the funds you raised directly to your nominated bank account.

Finally, share your goal with your friends and family via WhatsApp, email, or text. They will receive a message with a link that invites them to contribute to your goal.

Get going in 123 easy steps...