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    £349.92 / £340.00

    Hi everybody, please contribute to my chipingin goal!

    My name is Terelle, I'm 11 years old and I am looking to start an Anime Customisations Business called Anime Boss.

    During lockdown I was feeling really down and anxious, so spending lots of my time drawing and watching anime is what helped keep me grounded and focused on something. It was here when I realised I had a skill and a passion, so my mum has encouraged me to really perfect and improve on my artistic talents.

    I think that my drawing should be on t shirts or hoodies at a starting point, however, I would like to branch out to other items and accessories in the near future such as phone cases and shoe customs.

    The contributions made to my ChippinIn account would be put towards the costs of running my business: clothing stock, ink, printing costs, resources, art equipment etc.

    It was after attending the Ultra Education's It Takes A Village Project where my drawings were praised and encourages by the Ultra Team, I was supported to further develop on my passion and create a business idea surrounding that - as I realised I was able to make money off of something I love to do!

    I am looking to raise some funds in time for the April 2022 Business Fair, where I will present and display my business idea and hopefully showcase some products.

    I hope you will support me on my journey to success, and allow me to prove to other kids that you can achieve your dreams whilst doing what you love.


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