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Best experience days for kids in the UK

What do you buy a kid who has everything? Well, why not buy them an experience that they can remember for a lifetime? Rather than giving throwaway birthday gifts, buying an experience day is more sustainable. There is nothing physical within it; instead, it is creating happy memories that are, in some ways, a much better gift.

The problem with experience days or experience gifts is that you might not know where to start. The right one to choose will depend on the child that you are buying for and their interests. However, if you are looking for inspiration, then here are some of the best experience days for kids in the UK.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Have a wannabe wizard in your home? Know that they love all things Hogwarts? If they do, then there could be no better gift experience for them than a Harry Potter Studio Tour. Taking you all right into the heart of the movie and allow you to experience it for yourself. First hand. Along with this, you also get to play a wizard or witch, which is great fun for you all.

Theme park days

We are lucky here in the UK because we have a wealth of theme parks to choose from. These theme parks come in all shapes and types. The theme park that you choose will depend on the age of your child. Chessington is a great family-friendly theme park; another great choice is Peppa Pig World/Paulton’s Park as both parks come together to create an all-round day out for all the kids (and the adults too).

Flight simulator

Think that your child would love to play a pilot for the day? If they would, then why not treat them to a flight simulator experience? Designed to let them fly various planes, these experiences vary from short and long haul flights. Ideal if you want to give them something that is a little different and help them focus on the future.


There are plenty of children out there who have ideas of being a zookeeper in the future. If this is true for your child, then you may want to consider signing them up for a zookeeper experience. These vary in type and price; however, the idea is always the same. Your child gets to enjoy all the perks of being a zookeeper for the day and have some fun getting up close to the animals.

Car experiences

You might think that car experiences are only suitable for adults, but these can be great for children too. There are several car experiences out there designed with children in mind. This could be rally driving, supercars or something a little more specific. It is down to what you think that they would enjoy the most and what appeals to them. Give the perfect birthday gift and allow your child to experience something they will remember for a lifetime!