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How much does it cost to use ChippingIn?

Can I have an example of costs?

Start a simple goal to fund a birthday gift. Fees for a single contribution of £50:

  • Chippingin fee is 4.6% (£2.30)
  • Banking partner transaction fee is 1.5% + 20p (95p)
  • £3.25 will be deducted from the £50 contribution before it's transferred into your bank account.
  • Please note that if a non standard UK credit card is used for a contribution, the banking partner fees will increase, please visit Stripe fees for more information.

Can I write a personal message with the invite to chip in?

Yes we encourage you to make the experience as personal as possible.

Will I know how much each person has chipped in?

Within the Dashboard, go to Chipin Status, there you will see a list of everyone who has contributed to your goal. Some contributions will not appear on the list because they have marked it as anonymous.

How do I know the money I am raising and my details are safe online?

We work with Stripe who are the leading global money payment platform to collect payments. They are FCA regulated and ensure your payments and details and held securely and transferred to you without delay.

Can I include an invite for my child’s birthday party?

Yes you can include all the details for an IRL party or a virtual party with your ChippingIn request.

What if I don’t raise the full amount needed for the goal set?

The money you have raised is yours to withdraw at the deadline date. If the deadline date has passed, and you have not reached your goal, you can adjust the date or target amount. You can also use the 'Withdraw early' button to withdraw your funds. Please make sure the standard conditions are met; email verified and the amount must be above £10.

Can I transfer the money out of my ChippingIn account early?

Yes, you can also use the 'Withdraw early' button to withdraw your funds as long as your email account is verified and the amount is above £10.

How long does it take for funds to reach my bank account?

It could take up to 7 calendar days for each contribution to be available to be transferred to your bank account. Once a payout is initiated, it could reach your bank account within days, this depends on your bank. The Account & Profile page will give you information on when funds are available to be transferred, and how long it will take to reach your bank.

Can I pause my goal invite so that no one can contribute and reactivate at a later stage?

Yes you can check 'Deactivate Invite' within your dashboard and re-activate at any time.

Can my child change their mind on the goal they are collecting for

Yes you can change the gift you have uploaded in your dashboard at any time.

Can friends who have chipped in withdraw their contribution?

No, they cannot withdraw their contribution once it has been processed. They can however request to have their contribution refunded if the amount has not been withdrawn to the nominated bank account. For more information on this please email

Is there a limit or minimum amount of money that can be raised?

The minimum amount is £10 and a maximum amount of £5000.

How do I get in touch if I have any further questions?

We love to hear from our users so please feel free to contact us with any questioners or feedback via email or via our social channels…